This is a group project developed in the Spring 2020, while attending UArts. Here, we made a fantasy card game called Demon Warlord which is uploaded on! On this project, I did the character designs, box design, and art direction. This was based on my physical prototype project I made back in 11th grade called Adventurics Quest.

You can download and play it in!


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The goal for this project was to create characters who were vibrant, simple, and cartoony with a serious aesthetic. While doing this, I sketched characters with contour lines and flat colors, and avoided shading. This project was completed in one month. 

Color Palette

  • Colors are very muted, nature-like

  • Uses a limit of 5 colors!

  • White is the main light source

Demon Warlord

These monsters are illustrated on the "Demon Warlord" cards.


Examples are below:

* the cards were made by John Teesdale [project member]


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