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Cosmic Rush.png

This is another group project developed in the Spring 2020, while attending UArts. The game was programmed using Unity. I helped develop the character designs and assets for the game. Unlike our last project, "Demon Warlord", we attempted to do a sci-fi approach instead of fantasy. 

You can download and play it in and see how high you can score!


Download (Windows & Macs)


These are keyframes for the jumping animation.

mech character design sketches.jpg

When sketching for this project my character Elise from my Junior Piece came to mind.

mech colors.png

Whatever color of the player we chosen, would be our main palette for the entire project.

Unused Assets:

Cosmic Rush_star.png
Cosmic Rush_star copy.png

These stars were originally planned to be currency for the player to collect more points.

Since it's a runner game, I felt it was rather pointless for the Space Man to hold a gun. 


These were my attempts on the logo designs:

Cosmic Rush_logo copy.png
Cosmic Rush_logoverison2.png

Final version was a collaboration with the team

Cosmic Rush_logo.png
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